How To: Choose a Persistent Store Support Mode (KB15)

The SLP Services Runtime stores its licenses in license stores which is backed by a repository, which can take one of the following forms:

• A registry-based storage system which requires installation (see KB7), the behavior of which can be controlled via Global Customizations (the location used for the store can be controlled via the Persistent Store Location setting)
• An arbitrary Custom storage system implemented via Virtual Registry customization handlers

Default Store Support Modes

The available Store Support Modes are:


This is thee default mode where licenses are stored in the registry, which needs to be initialized by one’s installer (see KB7)


No installer (see KB7) is needed, but no licenses can be stored locally. 

Primarily used when all licenses are to be managed solely via the SLP Distributor extension.

Also used for Protection only mode, wherein one is protecting the code, but not using Licenses.


Typically used together with the SLP Distributor extension. Allows both locally installed licenses and pooled licenses from Distributor to be used together.

This allows one to flexibly package one’s software to work whether or not the end-user environment:

  1. has an correctly configured Persistent Store
  2. has the Distributor Client extensions installed alongside your application
  3. has a Distributor Service available  

Customized Store Management

In this mode, the license repository is managed via a set of Event Handlers that are registered via Global Customizations. This allows one to divert storage from the registry to a location of one’s choice, e.g., database, file system)