How to Create and Use Feature Sets (KB10)

If one has a large number of features in a product and is having difficulty in managing these as one large list of features then SLP Online will allow one to group features into Feature Sets.  These Feature Sets can then be used when

  • Creating new custom licenses using Manage Licenses -> Issue New License
  • Updating existing licenses using Mange License -> Reissue License
  • Creating new Resident license using Manage Licenses -> New Resident License.

To create a new Feature Set for a Product:

  1. Select Manage Products tab
  2. Select a Product from the table of available products and then press Edit button
  3. You will be taken to the Features tab where the Feature Sets drop down list box lists all available features sets for the selected product.  By default the drop down list shows “All” and the corresponding grid displays all the features of the product.
  4. To create a new Feature Set click on New Feature Set button and then enter the name of the new Feature Set in the New Feature Set  text box and click Create button.
  5. You can now select from all the available features of the product to add to the feature set by checking the appropriate check box on each feature or checking the check box in the grid title bar for all features.  You can even add a new feature at this stage and the feature will be added to both the selected Feature Set and to the overall list of features for the product.
  6. Finally click the Save Changes button to save the Feature Set.

To utilise a Feature Set when Creating a Custom License

  1. Select Manage License tab
  2. Select either Issue New License or New Resident License option from the left hand navigation panel
  3. Select a product from the Product drop down list and the corresponding feature sets for the selected product are listed in the Feature Set drop down box. The default value is “Customised” with no features selected.
  4. Select the appropriate Feature Set and the corresponding features are listed in Features in License grid.
  5. At this stage one can now optionally add or remove features from the license and the Feature Set will default to Customised.
  6. When the license is ready to be issued click the Issue button

Please note

  • If one adds or removes a Feature from a license that was originally created from a Feature Set then the license will be saved with a Customised feature set  and "Customised" will be shown in the Feature Set drop down.  The reference to the original Feature Set will be lost. 
  • Therefore it is possible to have several licenses displaying a Customised Feature Set, where each of these Feature Sets is different in terms of the included features.
  • The Customised Feature Set is NOT displayed on the list of Feature Sets under Manage Products – it is only displayed within the Issue License or New Resident License screens
  • It is NOT possible to rename or ammend Feature Sets when creating a license;  you can only do this by returning to the Manage Products tab.