How To: Update a permutation in SLPS V3 (KB5)

To avail of new functionality in the SLP Runtime or Code Protector you may need to update your permutation(s) on the SLP Online Service before you can protect your code using Code Protector.

Important - Updating a permutation on the server is not a reversible process - all permutations created or updated on the SLP Online Service from this point forward will require usage of the matching-versioned Code Protector.

  1. Login to your SLP Online Service account
  2. Select the Accounts tab on the main menu
  3. Select Manage Permutations on the left hand navigation panel on the Accounts page. This will display a table of all available permutations (the permutation version is shown in the Version column in the table).
  4. Select the permutation to be upgraded – the selected permutation will be highlighted in the table of available permutations
  5. V3_UpdatePerm_Page-(2).PNG
  6. Click Update – the Status field of the permutation should change to “Pending”
  7. The update process can take several minutes to complete, depending on the load on the Permutation Generator. Click Refresh periodically to check the progress of the update process.
  8. When the Status field shows “Done” the permutation has been successfully updated. You can see the new version number in the Version column.
  9. You can now download the permutation file by clicking the Permutation download link for the updated permutation and saving to an appropriate location for later use with the corresponding Code Protector version. (In some cases, you may need to right click to use a Save As or similar function)
  10. You will also need to download the corresponding Code Protector version by clicking on the Code Protector download link for the updated permutation