How To: Create a Subscription SKU in SLPS V3 (KB3)

With a time-limited subscription the product may be used for the duration of the subscription; if after an optional grace period the subscription is not renewed the product will cease to function.   You can create a SKU from which subscription licenses may subsequently be created


To Create a Subscription SKU

1.     Log on to the SLP Online Service.
2.     Click the Manage SKU tab on the top navigation bar. This brings you to the first step of the Create a SKU wizard
3.     Step1 – Add Product and Features
1.     Enter the SKU Name (required).
2.     Select Commercial option
3.     Enter the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the SKU and indicate whether it is intended to be licensed on a Single or Multiuser basis. (Online Help is available on this topic.)
4.     From the drop down box select the Product upon which this new SKU is to be based. This will display the available features for inclusion in the new SKU.
5.     Select the product Features that are to be included in this SKU by clicking the corresponding check box.
6.     You can optionally edit the feature level restrictions by clicking on Edit link on the feature row.
7.     Click Next
4.     Step 2: Set Attributes
1.     Select whether the License is to be associated with a Client Machine or not. The default is to be machine locked.
2.     Select YES or NO for Virtual Machine field to indicate whether the software is to be permitted to run on Virtual Machine such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare
3.     Optionally add a Description for the SKU
4.     Click Next
5.     Step 3: Set Time Limits
1.     Enter Days to Expiration to indicated the number of days after which the license will expire from date of activation e.g. 30 day subscription
2.     Set the Renewable option.
3.     You can optionally set a Start Date before which the product cannot be activated; the default is the date on which the SKU is created
4.     Finally you can optionally set a Grace Period during which the product will continue to operate after license expiry
5.     Click Next
6.     Step 4: Set Usage Limits
1.      Set Maximum Activations i.e. the number of times a license for the SKU can be activated; the default is 3
2.     Set Maximum Instances per Client  to dictate how many instances of your software can run on a machine
3.     Set Maximum Total Usage to indicate total number of times the SKU can be used; the default is unlimited
4.     Set Collect Usage – if YES then usage data will be selected for all features marked appropriately; the default is NO.
5.     Click Next
7.     Step 5: Summary
1.     Review all settings for the SKU and, if necessary, modify these by clicking on the Modify link in the appropriate section
2.     When happy with the SKU settings click Create SKU


You now have a SKU from which you can create subscription licenses.