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ServiceAdmin - 1/23/2017 9:40:15 AM
Software Potential 3.2.1994 - Released Sun 22/012017

Software Potential Service

  • Analyze Module: - This new module offers a range of standard reports on licenses issued and activations performed in your Software Potential account. There is also an option to offer custom reports to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Consume Module: - This module centralises maintenance of basic customer data in Software Potential. More importantly, it is now possible to assign and reassign licenses to customers without the need to reissue licenses e.g. where licenses are incorrectly assigned to a customer during the issue process. (We plan to introduce new RESTful APIs in the future to allow programmatic customer maintenance and license assignment/reassignment.)
  • Manual Activation Service: - It is now possible to manually activate licenses via the new manual activation service available at End users of licensed applications can now manually activate licenses using this service at any time without the need to get the application vendor to activate the license for them. With the release of this new service we have removed the current manual activation page from the Software Potential service web portal.
  • Developer Role and NuGetRead Permission: - We have introduced a Developer role and a NuGetRead permission to control access to Permutations and the Software Potential NuGetRead feed. This will allow one to restrict access to to Permutations generation and the download of NuGet packages containing runtime components. It also means that those users that need such access need not get access to license management by default.
    • A user assigned the Developer role will be able to both generate/update permutations and download NuGet package. A user assigned the NuGetRead permission can download NuGet packages but cannot generate/update permutations.
    • To assign the NuGet permission you must first create a customer (e.g. NuGet Feed) and add the "NuGetRead" permission to that role. Then assign the role to those customers that need access to the NuGet feed.
    There will be a transition period of 4 weeks from the release date to allow time for Administrators to assign the new Developer Role to those users that need to create/update permutations, and to add the NuGetRead permission to the users who should have access to the NuGet feed.During this transition period the current situation, where all users have access to the NuGet feed, will continue. At the end of this period only those users who have been assigned the required NuGetRead permission will continue to have access to the NuGet feed.
  • New UI: - In the new cleaner, simpler UI, features are now more logically grouped by tasks involved in the typical license management lifecycle, from Product/SKU definition, through license Issue and Assignment, to Analysis of license issued and activations performed. In the new standardised page layouts panels are used to more clearly present features/optionss and more logically group related data fields; tabbed interfaces have been replaced in favour of single page presentation.


  • Vendor Account Expiry error message: - When an account login fails due to the expiry of a vendor account/subscription an appropriate error message is now displayed, clearly indicating the vendor account has expired.
  • Subscription license Start Date not maintained on license reissue: - In prior releases, on reissue of a subscription license the Start Date was incorrectly set to the date of reissue, instead of the original start date set prior to issue. This is now fixed such that the Start Date set prior to reissue is maintained, unless intentionally reset by the reissuer.
  • Subscription period incorrectly set if empty year/month fields on issue: - In the unlikely event a subscription licenses was issued with empty year/month fields, the period was incorrectly set to the int value of Grace Days set for the license. This is now fixed.
  • Subscription SKU auto-renew value not correctly set on SKU edit: - When the auto-renew flag was set on a subscription license SKU, this setting was not correctly propogated on reissue of the SKU. This is now fixed.


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