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SPSupport - 5/5/2016 12:41:47 PM
Software Potential 3.2.1991 - Released 05/05/2016

To avail of the Code Protector or Runtime features/fixes included in this release you will need to update your current permutation and download & install Code Protector and Permutation (if using older Microsoft.Licensing SDK ).


  • Inability to manually activate subscription licenses in Software Potential portal: - We’ve resolved this issue such that manual activation requests for Subscription licenses can be processed using the Manual Activatoin page in the Software Potential portal. Prior to this release, an attempt to load the license corresponding to the request would fail with the errror "Failed to get the license by the provided License Request data" and the manual activation could not be progressed.
  • Manual Activation failure when using License Administration utility: - We’ve resolved this issue with the legacy License Administration utility such that manual activation requests generated using this utility are processed correctly. Prior to this release, due to a bug in License Administration utility, an attempt to process a manual activation request generated by the License Administration tool would result in the error "Failed to activate license. The License associated with the provided Activation Key is not for the expected product. The activation request originated from an application requiring a different product.".

    Please note it will not be sufficient to just ship the new License Administration tool to customers experiencing this issue as the License Administration tool and the runtime DLLs must be at the same release/version level. For your customers that have a product licensed using earlier versions of the runtime DLLs, you will need to ship the new License Admin tool and associated three (x3) runtime DLLs and ensure these are installed in a separate folder on the target machine.

    To access the latest License Administration tool and associated runtime DLLs you will need to a) update your permutation, b) download and install the updated Code Protector and Permutation package, c) then extract the required LicAdmin exe and runtime DLLs and d) package these four (x4) assemblies for distribution e.g. in a zip file.


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