How to transfer/deactivate a Node Locked license and activate it on another machine. (FAQ149)

Our customer had our licensed application installed on a machine that has failed.  They wish to install the licensed application on a replacement machine. How can we transfer the Node Locked (Machine Locked) license to the replacement machine without consuming another activation?

Transfer of Node-locked Licenses

When a Node Locked license is activated on a machine the resultant license file (that is installed locally) is locked to that machine and so cannot be copied to another machine.

So, even if the license file was still accessible on the original machine, it is not possible to directly copy the license file to the replacement machine. Instead to transfer the license it will be necessary to

  1. Delete the license on the existing machine (in the event that the original license is still accessible on the original machine)
  2. Deactivate the original machine and then
  3. Re-activate the license on the replacement machine.

In effect a Node Locked license is transferred by cancelling the activation on the original machine and then re-activating the license on the replacement machine.

License Deletion/Removal

This transfer/deactivation process happens on the Software Potential service and does not ensure the license on the deactivated machine is beyond use. In situations where the original license file may still be accessible (e.g. transferring to a higher specification replacement machine) you may wish to provide a mechanism in your licensed application to trigger deletion of the license. However, the transfer process does NOT confirm the license file has been already been deleted from the original machine.

Steps to Deactivate A Device

The following are the steps needed to deactivate a device on which a license has been activated:

1. If necessary delete the license file on the machine from which the license needs to be transferred. In Sp.Agent runtime, Single User licenses are stored at C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\MyCompany\MyProduct\MyVersion

While Multi user licenses are stored at C:\ProgramData\MyCompany\MyProduct\MyVersion.

2.   Locate the license to be deactivated using the Search tab on the Software Potential portal and then select View Details. In the License Activations section, you will see the Active Devices table that lists each device/machine on which the license has been activated; each entry has a Device Label which is the computer name of the machine).


3.   Select the device to be deactivated and click the Deactivate button.

4.   Now you will notice that:

  • In the License Activations table the activation will be shown as Deactivated and the deactivation date will be recorded.
  • The deactivated machine is no longer listed in the Active Devices table;
  • The Max License Activations and Activations Performed values are unchanged;
  • The Deactivations Performed and the Activations Left values will both increase by 1 because deactivating a license allows you to perform an additional activation on another machine. (In effect Max License Activations + Deactivation Performed = Activation Performed + Activation Left


5.  Now the license can be activated on the replacement machine. Afterwards the License Activations section will reflect this new activation.


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