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Top 5 Recently Updated

  • Upgrading your SLP Services account

    I have a key for the Standard Edition. How do I upgrade my Basic account?

  • Manual Activation Code Snippets

    How do I enable Manual Activation in my application using Software Potential ?

  • How to manually activate a license?

    What are the steps in manually activating a license? What do I have to do as the software vendor and what does my customer have to do?

  • How to transfer/deactivate a Node Locked license and activate it on another machine.

    Our customer had our licensed application installed on a machine that has failed. They wish to install the licensed application on a replacement machine. How can we transfer the Node Locked (Machine Locked) license to the replacement machine without consuming another activation?

  • Deactivate a License?

    Using my "current" licensing software, users have the option to "deactivate" a machine bound license such that they can install it on another computer (copying the existing license would not work due to machine ID/fingerprint changes). When they deactivate the license (through the...

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