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  • How do I find the Permutation ID and Permutation Short Code?

    What is the Permutation ID and PermutationShort Code that is mentioned in the technical documentation e.g. in KB articles on installation? Where do I find them and how do I use them?

  • How do I create new users for my Software Potential account?

    We wish to add new users to our Software Potential account and we want to control/limit their access. How do we create new users (with their ownE-mail addresses) that can access our account but with particular permissions?

  • How to set Expiration Date and Expiration Days when issuing licenses via Web Service API?

    How do I set Expiration Date and Expiration Days when issuing a license via the Web Service APIs? Why do I sometimes get the following error “LicenseInfo.Limitations.ExpirationDate and LicenseInfo.Limitations.ExpirationPeriod cannot both be set” error?

  • Mapping methods to features without using SLP Code Protector UI?

    Usually I use the Code Protector to select the important methods of the program and map these to the desired features. Unfortunately, it seems like I have to repeat this step whenever compiling a new version of the program. Is there better way to remap the methods? Or is it possible to archive the mapping...

  • Saving selection of methods to be protected

    When using the Code Protector UI to select methods for protection, do we have to check the tick box besideeach method manually each time we protect the code? We have to protect around 500 methods. Does this mean every time we want to re-protect updated code we have to manuallyselect the same500 methods...

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