How To Create and Activate a Distributor License (KB20)

Licenses for use with SLP Distributor can be created on SLP Online and then activated using the Activation page on Distributor's web admininstration front end.  Distributor licenses have a setting "For Use with Distributor Only" which prevents their activation/use outside of a Distributor service.

How to Create a Distributable license

Licenses suitable for distributor are created from the SLP Online portal in the same manner as any other license. Distributor licenses are created either from SKUs or on an ad-hoc basis from the Create License page

Using ad-hoc license creation process, on SLP Online portal, select 'Manage Licenses' -> 'Issue New License'.

Select a retail price, the product and add features as you would do normally when creating any license.

For a license it is important that:

  • In license limitations section, the Max Instances Per Client value is set to the number of concurrent usages for the license being created i.e. a value of 2 here will allow two people to use your application at once within the Distributor system.

  • Check the 'For use with SLP Distributor only' option.

When completed, click the 'Issue License' button. This will generate an Activation Key that you will need to subsequently activate the license in Distributor .

How to Add a distributable license to Distributor

To access the Distributor Web Administration portal you should browse to http://DistributorServer:2468/web where DistributorServer is either the fully qualified DNS name or the IP address of the server on which Distributor is installed.

To activate a license on the Distributor portal:

  • Select the Activation tab
  • Enter the license key generated in the previous step into the Add activation key box, then click Submit.


The page will display an appropriate message if the activation has been successful and an appropriate error message if unsuccessful.

To see the installed license details on successful activation:

  1. Select the Products tab
  2. Select the Details link for the product and then Show Licenses - this will display a summary of the license installed
  3. Select the More link to see the details of the license