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SLPS Version 3.1 Released - 21st January 2011

Code Protector SDK and Runtime v3.1.1915.38

This release contains the following updates:

  • Support for Protection of Code consuming Generic Types 
  • Update of Runtime APIs to allow LINQ queries against collections without having to apply .Cast() operations
  • Support for execution of protected code with licensing disabled without having to run an installer
  • Simplified ClickOnce and Office apps/VSTO support
  • Deprecation of TransformAttribute

Generics Support

This release enables protection of methods using generic code constructs. As with previous releases of Code Protector, it is not possible to protect generic methods or methods on a generic class. However, you may now use the following generic constructs in protected code:

  • Declaring variables of closed constructed generic types, such as List<string>, List<List<int>> etc.
  • Calling methods on closed constructed generic types
  • Calling closed generic methods, i.e. methods whose type arguments do not contain any generic parameters. Please see for further details.

Project Settings Changes

  • The Code Protector settings page has been reorder to match the relevance of various aspects of the settings more appropriately
  • The Supported Runtime Version field is now entitled Target SLP Runtime Variant. At present, only a single value is permitted: v2.0.50727. This also applies to customers targeting the .NET v4.0 CLR

Runtime API Direct LINQ to Objects Support

Exposed collections now support IEnumerable<T>, i.e., the child entities accessed via the SLMRuntime type now permit standard LINQ to Objects queries against their collections without having to apply .Cast() operations

ClickOnce/VSTO Support

Support for execution of protected code (with licensing disabled) without having to implement an MSI installer

Previously, even customers not using licensing still had to initialize a license store (as detailed in KB7) even though no licenses would be stored there. This necessity can now be circumvented by adjusting the Persistent Store Support Mode to None (see How To: Chose a Persistent Store Support Mode and How To: Apply Global Customizations).

FeatureAttribute improvements; Removal of TransformAttribute

With this release marking methods with [Feature] or [Feature("FeatureName")] causes the methods to be automatically protected during the Code Protection phase, removing the need to select  methods manually via the Code Protector UI.

To protect a method without associating it with a specific feature, mark the method [Feature]. (This is equivalent to marking a method [Feature(“Execute”)].)

To require a specific Feature to be necessary on the user’s license, one needs to associate the method with a given Feature Name by indicating the feature name by adding an attribute as follows: [Feature(“FeatureName”)].

The use of the [Transform] attribute is no longer supported from this release forward and should be replaced with usage of one of the above forms of the FeatureAttribute (i.e., replace [Transform] with [Feature]).

Please see for further details. 

SLP Online Service Updates

Issuing License from SKU now records correct issuing user

Previous versions of Online did not record the correct issuer name against a license issued from a SKU; this is now corrected.

Advanced Search options extended

New search options added to:

  • Display Commercial, Evaluation or both types of licenses in search results
  • Display license history in search results i.e. display all versions of a reissued/updated license

SKU Management Improvement

  • It is now possible to hide historic SKUs when one is listing SKUs for editing or for license issuance. Clicking on the Hide link in the SKU entry removes it from the list of SKUs.  There is an option to show hidden SKUs; hidden SKUs can be redisplayed by clicking on the Show link in the SKU entry.
  • The Resident License checkbox has been moved to the second page of the Issue License from SKU wizard i.e. to the “STEP 2 - Set Attributes” page
  • To allow one to clearly identify SKUs from which Resident Licenses can be issued a Resident indicator has been added to the SKU Details page

Code Protector Download Feature

As was previously the case, when protecting code it is necessary for the Code Protector version to be in synch with version number of the Permutation one has downloaded.

To ease this process, a new feature has been added to the SLP Online Service to simplify the process of locating and downloading the appropriate Code Protector version matching the given Permutation. On the Manage Permutations page (Accounts tab -> Manage Permutations) a Code Protector download link is provided alongside the Permutation download link in the row alongside each Permutation in the Permutations grid.


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