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Admin - 5/12/2010 11:01:17 AM
Code Protector Update - Version 3.0.1908.1027

Wed 12th May 2010: An update to the download addresses the following issues with the previous releases: 1. Declarative Protection Bug  2. Visual Studio 2010 RTM Integration

Declarative Protection

Releases of Code Protector prior to 3.0.1908.1027 had a bug that caused the protected method to throw an exception on execution with an message relating to a missing header if and only if you are using declarative protection attributes but don't have any explicitly protected methods selected in your .SLMCfg file.

This issue is resolved in the most recent patch version of Code Protector.

See How To: Declaratively mark methods to be protected or licensed in your code for further details regarding declarative protection.

INFO: It's possible to work around this issue by always having at least one method manually selected as protected in Code Protector (i.e., the .SLMCfg file needs to have at least one rule per protected assembly). This workaround is completely unnecessary with version 3.0.1908.1207 and later.

Visual Studio 2010 Integration

SLPS_PROTECT Integrated protection as described in KB 12 using Visual Studio 2010 RTM should work out of the box as of Code Protector update 3.0.1908.1027.


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