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Admin - 4/28/2010 11:00:25 AM
SLP Online Update 2010-04-28

An update (3.0.1908.866) was made to SLP Online on Tuesday 28th April 2010 that addresses the following issues with the previous 3.0.1908.464 release:

  • Feature Usage Count not calculating correctly on Subscription Licenses
  • Feature Usage Limitation not being correctly enforced
  • Permutation DLL not being found by Runtime in certain circumstances

Feature Usage Count

In the previous release there was an error in the calculation of the total usage count for a feature on a subscription license (displayed on the license page when the Gather Usage Data flag is set for subscription licenses). This is now corrected in this update.

This issue was with the SLP Online service and does not require any change to the Runtime components.

Feature Usage Limitation Check

In the previous release there was an issue pertaining to the complete enforcement of usage limits on features i.e., the feature did not correctly cease to function when a feature expiration date was reached.  This is now honoured correctly in the Runtime components for this update.

Runtime and Permutation DLL Location

In the previous release there was an issue where the Runtime expected to find the Permutation DLL in the same directory as the installer exe or installutil.exe. The same problem also manifested itself when the Runtime was installed in the GAC (e.g, the LicAdmin tool would report the same exception on startup). This caused an exception to be thrown indicating that the Permutation DLL could not be found.  This is now corrected in the Runtime components for this update. 

To avail of the latter two fixes one should update one’s permutation, download it and install it in Code Protector.  (See for detailed steps on how to update a permutation)


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