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Admin - 2/26/2010 10:59:37 AM
SLP Online Update 27 Feb 2010

The following updates were made to SLP Online Sat 27th February 2010:

  • Feature Set functionality re-instated as an option for custom licenses
  • Addition of multi-row feature selection on certain screens
  • Minimum Expiration Days on a license now set to 1
  • Addition of Disabled Field as an optional field to be displayed on the Reports screen
  • Widening of certain fields (Product, Feature, Feature Set) to cater for larger text strings

Feature Set Re-instatetment

In response to customer requests we have restored Feature Set support for custom license creation that was removed with the release of SLPS V3. 

For those customers that have a large number of features in a product and may have difficulty in managing these as one large list of features the new release will allow grouping of features into Feature Sets.  As was the case in SLPS V2 these Feature Sets can then be used when

  • Creating new custom licenses using Manage Licenses -> Issue New License
  • Updating existing licenses using Mange License -> Reissue License
  • Creating new Resident license using Manage Licenses -> New Resident License

Please note that while the Feature Set functionality is the same as that included in SLPS V2, Feature Sets have only been reintroduced to make it easier to manage large numbers of features when creating custom licenses.  Therefore it is NOT possible to use Feature Sets when creating or editing SKUs and Feature Sets are not selectable under Manage SKU -> Create SKU or Manage SKU -> Edit SKU.

The use of Feature Sets is optional when creating products or licenses.  If one has not used Feature Sets in the past or does have a need for Feature Sets in the future then continue to use the default Feature Set settings in all screens involved in either the creation and maintenance of products orthe creation, maintenance and issuance of licenses.

Please see the following Knowledge Base article for futher details on how to crearte and use Feature Sets within the SLP Online portal

Minimum Expiration Days Default

Previously it was possible to set 0 Expiration Days on a license; this clearly was not a valid entry.  The default minimum Expiration Days setting is now 1 i.e. one cannot have a license expire in less than 1 day post activation.

Multirow Feature Selection

In the past it had only been possible to add or remove features one at a time when creating a product or a license.  With this release it will now be possible to select  more than one row on a list of features to simplify the process of add or removing features from Products, Feature Sets or Licenses.

Disabled Field Option on the Reports screen

When running License reports it is now possible to elect to display the Disabled status of a license.  This option must be selected each time the report is run.


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