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Admin - 2/27/2010 10:58:53 AM
New Code Protector Release - Version 3.01908

New Code Protector release (3.01908) that provides

  • Integrated support for protection/licensing of ClickOnce and VSTO applications
  • Improved integration with automated build environments

This release corresponds with the latest upgrade to SLPS Online and to use it one must first either create a new permutation or update one's existing permutation

ClickOnce and VSTO Support

To cater for the installation restrictions that apply to ClickOnce and VSTO applications, the SLPS Runtime versions 3.0.1908 and later inspect a .NET appSetting in order to determine whether per-machine licenses should actually be stored on a per-user basis instead. 

For ClickOnce applications one can set this via an appSetting on one's app.config file in the main EXE project.  For VSTO applications an alternative installer class ClickOncePermutationManagerBase  provides a method RedirectMachineToUser() so one can programmatically trigger redirection of per-machine licenses to be stored on a per-user basis instead.

See the following Knowledge Base article for further guidance

Improved MSBuild Integration

Previously, the main documented technique for integrating protection into an automated build script was via Post Build Steps. This can be cumbersome in many ways. In the case of ClickOnce, another key issue is that one cannot simply transform the DLLs to protect the final binaries prior to deploying the files as the manifest contains checksums that would need updating.

SLPS Code Protector Versions 3.0.1908 and later provide an MSBuild task that intercepts binaries (DLLs or EXE's) immediately after compilation in order to protect them as an integrated part of the build process.

See the following KB article for further guidance


This version of Code Protector will only work with the corresponding SLP Permutation versions i.e. those generated by the most recent upgrade to SLP Online (3.0.1908).

New (commercial and evaluation) subscribers for SLP Online 3.0.1908 (i.e. who create accounts after 10.45 UTC 27th February) will automatically generate valid permutations to use with this Code Protector release

Existing customers prior to the Online upgrade that wish to use this version of the Code Protector will need to have a latest version SLP Permutation.  Their options are

  1. Update existing V2 or V3 permutations - see on how to update permutations.  Also please note the update process is not reversible and updated permutations will NOT work with older versions of Code Protector - if you have any concerns please contact us on
  2. Create new permutatoins to use with this version of Code Protector (retaining existing permutations to work with older Code Protector versions.


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