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Admin - 10/31/2009 10:55:10 AM
SLP Online Update 32 Oct31 2009

The following updates have been made to the SLP Online service on Saturday 31st October 2009:

  • Update to new SKU functionality
  • Update to existing Issue License functionality
  • Update to existing reporting functionality
  • Autogeneration of SKUs from Feature Sets

Update to the new SKU functionality

 With this update users will be able to:

  • Create/Edit of SKUs for Resident Licenses (setting the Resident License checkbox using Create SKU Wizard)
  • Issue Resident Licenses from the appropriate SKUs

Update to Issue License Functionality

 With this update users will be able to:

  • Add individual features to an “ad hoc” license
  • Add all features to an “ad hoc” license
  • Include a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on a license

NOTE: To issue a license it WILL be necessary to insert an SRP.

Update to reporting functionality to allow selection of fields to be displayed

 With this update users will be able to select whether or not to display the following fields in reports

  • Customer Name
  • Product Version
  • Package Name (for licenses issued in V2 when Feature Sets were still supported)
  • License Description
  • Activation Key

NOTE: Irrespective of whether these fields are selected for display they ARE included by default in the export file.

Auto-generation of SKUs for Feature Sets that were not associated with Template Licenses in Version 2

During the upgrade from SLP Online Version 2 to Version 3, SKUs were only automatically created for Feature Sets that were associated with Template Licenses. With this update

  • Feature Sets that were not associated with Template Licenses but were included in issued licenses will now also be converted to SKUs automatically.
  • Default settings will be used in these new auto generated SKUs e.g. SKU Name will comprise Product Name – PackageName, Max Activations will be set to 3 etc
  • These new SKUs will now appear in the SKU listing on the “Edit SKU” or “Issue License from SKU” pages


  1. Customers should review these new SKUs and update properties/settings on the SKU as appropriate e.g. SKU Name, Description, Number of Activations etc. 
  2. For some customers the SKUs may correspond to feature sets that were contained only in Resident Licenses; for these SKUs the Resident flag should be set.


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