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Admin - 10/13/2009 10:44:48 AM
SLPS Version 3 Released

Version 3.0 of SLP Services has been released. It offers improvements and new features in both SLP Online Service and in SLP Code Protector.  Release date for SLP Server to be announced shortly.

SLP Online Service

Major new features of the Online Service include:

  • Improved user experience including new UI and navigation model.
  • New account landing (home) page which provides a more intuitive way to directly
    • Create New Products
    • Create New SKUs per product and
    • Create Licenses from SKUs


  • New 5 step wizard to create a SKU, from which licenses can subsequently be issued.



  • New 3-step wizard to create a license from a SKU, greatly simplifying the process of creating and issuing licenses:-


  • New Web Service APIs which support
    • Dynamic License Creation – the ability to programmatically create and/or update licenses in a much more complete and flexible way than is possible with the current CreateLicenseByTemplateId web service.
    • CRM Integration – provides a mechanism to query the SLP Online Service for Product, SKU and License information which can be integrated with back office systems e.g. CRM or ERP.

Code Protector/SVM

New features include

  • Increased Operating System support:
  • 64 bit support (XP, Vista, Windows Server)
  • Win 7 Support (x32/x64 Bit)
  • Improved support for installing SVM components within application installers.
  • Improved proxy traversal support for both Code Protector and SVM/runtime



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