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SLPS V3 Upgrade Implications

SLPS is about to be upgraded to Version 3 which includes significant new features in both the SLP Online Service and SLP Code Protector/SVM components.  As all customers of the Online Service will be automatically upgraded to Version 3 functionality it is important to aware of the main upgrade implications.

Version 3 of SLPS includes significant new features in both the SLP Online Service and SLP Code Protector/SVM components.

  • SLP Online Service introduces a new user experience including new UI, with wizards to streamline common activities of creating SKUs and issuing licenses. It also includes a new set of web service APIs to automate the process of creating and issuing of new licenses.
  • Code Protector supports the Windows 7 platform, and has increased support for 64 bit platforms and includes improved proxy traversal capabilities.

Online Service Customer Implications 

All customers of the Online Service will be automatically upgraded to Version 3 functionality. The main upgrade implications are:

New SKU Model

  • Version 3 provides a new simplified, 5-step wizard-driven process for the creation and maintenance of SKUs; and it has a new 3 step process for issuing licenses based on SKUs. These replace the current Template License functionality in Version 2.

The main implications for existing Version 2 customers are:

  • If you have been using Template Licenses in Version 2, in the future you will instead create SKUs and issue licenses based on these SKUs
  • Existing Template Licenses will be automatically converted to SKUs as part of the Version 3 upgrade process
  • You MAY need to review the SKU names which have been auto generated as part of the Version 3 upgrade process; you can edit the auto-generated SKU names if you wish to make these more meaningful.
  • If you are using the existing IssueLicenseTemplateId web service this will be unaffected; the corresponding TemplateLicenseKey for each SKU is displayed at the bottom of each SKU definition.
  • If you have pre-generated batches of activation keys (e.g. to use with an e-commerce site) these keys do not need to be re-generated.; the corresponding licenses will work with new distributions protected by either Code Protector Version 3 or Version 2.

Code Protector Customer Implications

InishTech customers who wish to upgrade to the new version of Code Protector need to be aware of the following:

  • Upgrading to the V3 Code Protector does not have to be done immediately - you can continue to transparently use your V2 Permutations and Code Protector against the updated SLP Online Service. However upgrading to V3 offers additional features without any significant changes to the Code Protection process.
  • Generating a new permutation or updating an existing Permutation on Version 3 of the SLP Online service creates a Version 3 Permutation, which includes the new V3 SVM/Runtime enhancements.
  • If one wants to avail of the new SVM/runtime features, or use a new or updated V3 Permutation, Version 2 Code Protectors will need to be updated to Version 3. The version of the SLP Code Protector you use must be identical to that of your permutation. In other words, version 3 Code Protector requires a version 3 Permutation.
  • You will need to update your permutation(s) on the SLP Online Service (see How To Update Permutations) before you can protect your code using Code Protector V3. Note that updating a permutation on the server is not a reversible process - all permutations created or updated on the SLP Online Service from this point forward will require usage of the V3 Code Protector.
  • You will NOT need to reissue licenses to your existing customers who receive new distributions protected using the V3 Code Protector; you only need to issue new licenses if you have created new products or SKUs e.g. should you decide to make a 64 bit version of your product a separate SKU.

Implications for your existing customers.

Your existing customers will be unaffected by the upgrade to SLPS Version 3 as:

  • Their existing versions of your product (protected by Code Protector V2) will continue to work if they have valid licenses installed, whether these are perpetual or subscription licenses e.g. the renewal process is unaffected.
  • If they receive new distributions of your products, protected by Code Protectore V3 but with the same licensable features etc, then they will NOT need to reactivate their software and their existing licenses will continue to work with the new distributions.

How To: Update a Version 2 Permutations

  1. Login to your SLP Online Service account
  2. Select the Accounts tab on the main menu
  3. Select Manage Permutation on the left hand navigation panel on the Accounts page. This will display a table of all available permutations (the permutation version is shown in the Version column in the table).
  4. Select the Version 2 permutation to be upgraded – the selected permutation will be highlighted in the table of available permutations
  5. Click Update – the Status field of the permutation should change to “Pending”
  6. The update process can take several minutes to complete, depending on the load on the Permutation Generator. Click Refresh periodically to check the progress of the update process.
  7. When the Status field shows “Done” the permutation has been successfully updated.
  8. You can now download the permutation by clicking Download and saving to an appropriate location for later use with the Version 3 Code Protector.


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