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wqwalter - 11/22/2010 6:47:09 PM
Mono.Cecil exceptions and warnings

WARNING: Unable to find dependency 'MONO.CECIL' (Signature='0738EB9F132ED756' Version='') of assembly 'Microsoft.Licensing.Permutation_88196_2.0.dll'



I am getting the following warning when building my application what does it mean and do I need to correct the issue?



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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
RBartelink - 11/24/2010 12:21:04 AM

 Hi Bill,

I can confirm that it is not necessary to have Mono.Cecil.dll present for any normal operations, and the DLLs all load correctly in standard execution contexts i.e., if you're using MEF or a DI container, the absence of the DLL as warned about will not have negative impacts.

(We intend to remove this warning as part of ongoing development work, though I cannot give a precise timeline at this point)



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