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sashidhar.ssd - 3/22/2010 9:33:46 AM
Abt Date Change...!

Hello Support,

Once the license is expired ,when i change the system date to previous date i.e. past date its working fine,why is this like tht.( note:I did the evaluation thr coding as per your documntation checking for the state of the Ilicense. )

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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
josullivan - 3/22/2010 3:23:54 PM
RE:Abt Date Change...!

Hi Sashidhar,

Once a license expires its status is evaluated as Expired by the SLP Runtime e.g. if you look at the license in the LicAdmin you will see its status as Expired.

How are you checking for license expiry in your code e.g. are you checking that "MyLicense.State == LicenseState.Valid"?

Also the Runtime automatically checks for system clock "rollback" and when a roll back is detected the status of all affected licenses are evaluated as Expired.  However, to allow for legitimate timezone changes (e.g. during travel across datelines etc) the Runtime allows a license to continue operating if one sets the system clock back by 24 hours or less.  If one sets the clock back more than 24 hours, the Runtime considers this as clock tampering and will invalidate the license.

To ensure this rollback check cannot be circumvented we advise that one enables a regular write to the license store e.g. by checking the Gather Usage Count check box on a licensed feature when creating the license on SLP Online.  This forces a license store write on each usage of the corresponding feature

Hope this clarifies the situation re license expiry and rollbacks but if you have any further questions please ask.


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