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ServiceAdmin - (3/2/2017 10:58:36 AM)
RE:SP: deactivating user license - response time on requests

Hi Till,

Firstly apologies for the failure of our support form on this site.  We were not aware of the fact this form was no longer forwarding emails to our support channel.  Thanks for brinnging this to our attention.

When reporting issues we recommend that customer use this forum or email us directly at

To deactivate a license on a device in the new Software Potential UI please:

  • Search for the license to be deactivated using Search option
  • Select the license and click View Details for the license
  • Expand the Active Devices panel, and then click the Deactivate button on the required device.

NOTE: Deactivation of a license on a device in Software Potential does not delete the license file on a device i.e. the license file remains installed on the device. You need to arrange the deletion of the license file separately e.g. in your application code (or using LicAdmin if using the older SLPS (Microsoft.Licensing) runtime). 

Hope this helps

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