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TJM - (3/1/2017 12:39:23 PM)
SP: deactivating user license - response time on requests

 Dear Sir or Madam,

since the update of SoftwarePotential, it seems like I have no possibility to deactivate customer licenses. How can I do that? Even if I locally disable the icense with the Microsoft.Licensing.LicAdmin.exe, there seems to be no way to get this out of the SP web interface.

Also I want to mention, that I wrote on this already two times in "Contact us" on the Inishtech Homepage. And I got no answer (some weeks have passed now!). This was happening to me already in the past. Are you generally not answering on technical questions under "Contact us". If this is the case, you should at least write back and inform the customer.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards Till

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