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wqwalter - 11/20/2009 5:53:04 PM
How do I delete an expired trial SLP account?

I started a trial a while back and let it expire. I then purchased a standard subscription and created a new account. I can no longer get into the old trial and I cannot add the users that I had added to the trial account to my new account because I get a message the names have already been used. I don't want to create new email addressed for the prople that will be generating licenses. I want to use their real email addressed which are locked into the expired trial account?

Bill Walter

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InishTech Support
InishTech Support
pgao - 9/23/2011 3:30:31 PM
RE:How do I delete an expired trial SLP account?

Hi Bill,

We are reviewing our Forum threads and notice that it seems you haven't got a reply from us regarding this question. Truly sorry for the late response and pelase see the answer to your questions:

We understand your situation that you registered a trial account with email address A, and you added several users to this account with email addresses B and C. Then your trial account expired then you purchases a subscription and created a production account D. Then you want to add B and C to D but can't because they have already been used in A.

There's a solution for this is that if you can login to your trial account A now, you can select users B and C and click "Delete" to delete them. Then you are able to add them to other accounts e.g. account D. If you still have problems logging into accA (i.e. it's still expired), we can help to extend the expiration date and allow you to delete whichever account you want to delete.

But please notice that neither ISV nor InishTech can delete email address A or D which are the original email addresses that created the accounts. And that's reason you have to use a new email address other than A to create the production account D because A is used and nobody can delete it.

Hope you find the information helpful and if you need help from us to extend trial account expiration, please just let us know. Or if you have any further question, please also let us know.




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