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Kazooie - 11/6/2009 5:39:51 PM
Resident License: Expire Days

According to I can issue a resident license for a 30 day Trial scenario for example.

I issue a non-commercial resident license with Expire Days set to 30.

When I download the license file and install it through the LicAdmin tool, expiration is Unlimited. Why is this?

On the other hand, if I issue a resident license with Total Usage set to 5, it is correctly applied after installation of this license file on a target computer.

Thanks for your help.


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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
IanQuigley - 11/11/2009 11:21:21 AM
RE:Resident License: Expire Days

Sorry for the delay in replying while we looked into this issue.

This is an inconsistancy in Resident Licensing which applies to normal online activated licenses which can be set to expire N days after activation. Since Resident Licenses are not activated there is no way to tie this date dependancy to an unfixed marker.

The solution, and correct way to achieve this result is to set an expiry date when "Creating a license from a SKU" option. Set the SKU start date to a date in the past (for example 2001-01-01) and set the expiry date to 30 days in the future (for example 2009-12-10). Then select "Create a license from a SKU" and download the license file. This license file can then be installed in the License Manager and will expire on the set date.



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