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TechUltimeta - 10/4/2011 9:15:26 AM
Regarding changing a property in license.

 I have question regarding issuing a license. Generally for issuing a new 

license I go to Manage SKU's and then select required SKU for creating a new  license. Here if i need a license on basis of some SKU but i want one field e.g.  Expire Date of a particular license, then what is the recommended way to achieve  this?  Right now after generating license , I go to Manage Licenses->Reissue License->  Do the required change and re-issue license.    Is it the right way? Please let me know what is the recommended way.  I hope generating a new SKU  is not expected everytime for a small change.

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InishTech Support
InishTech Support
pgao - 10/4/2011 12:12:28 PM
RE:Regarding changing a property in license.

Hi Priya,

There's an easier way to do this everytime you want to generate licenses with slight differences from SKUs.

On SLP Online, please go to "Manage Licenses" tab which is next to the "Manage SKUs" tab. In this tab, you can stay on the default page - "Issue New License" which is the page to issue ad-hoc licenses. On this page, you can determine the licenses settings (e.g. features, limitations, etc.) and you can decide how many of this type of licenses are to be generated. Click on "Issue License" button and you will have ad-hoc generated licenses.

A SKU is like license template and it can help to ensure licenses generated from it all have the same settings. Ad-hoc licenses are more flexible as you can define the license settings fexibly. But the Cons about ad-hoc licenses is that you have to manually set the settings which can be error prone.

So you can decide either way to generate licenses according to the situation. If you want to generate a certain type of licenses huge amount or continuously, we still suggest to create a new SKU for it.

Hope we explain the situation clearly. Any other questions, please let us know.




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