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munish - 7/28/2011 4:35:32 AM
Enquiry about the features


We want to buy and implement you Licensing service.. But first of all i want to share our scenario with you and want to know is it possible with your service. Actually we are working on one DIgital signage software and we use azure very havily for our apllications. Basically we have   1.) WCF sevice hosted in azure worker role. 2.) application hosted in azure web role. 3.) SQl Azure database. 4.) Azure storage for uploading and downloading large blobs.   So every users how buy our subscription will make full use of these all product. and as you know azure will cost you for the amount of uses. SO we want all the usage of particular users should revert to that user and offcourse the our licensing fee. because some user use less storage and bandwidht whereas some can use very much.    So i want to know is it poosible to implement this scenario with your service.. IF yes then kindly let us know.        Warm Regards Munish Bhargav Drake Software Services

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pmcevoy - 8/2/2011 11:19:37 AM
RE:Enquiry about the features

 Mr Bhargav,

We released the first iteration of our Azure SDK about a month ago, and it's available as part of a permutation download.  This first release targets Azure multitenant licensing scenarios where you want your software to make license assertions based on date limitiations.

Unfortuately, that release does not currently support usage limitation scenarios, of which I regard your particular use case to be.  We would view your use case as a Resource Counting type scenario: in order to support usage based limitations (and usage based billing) we will provide a simple API that will allow your software to tell our SDK what the current count of a resource is (either in incremental delatas, or absolute current values), and thus allow our SDK to make usage based assertions on those counts.  A side effect of this is that usage data is logged over time and can be used to support usage based billing.

So if bytes in/bytes out on table store are of interest to you; or perhaps the size of the Azure DB; , then as long as you tell our API what the increment is or the current count is, then we will be able to log that and you will be able to run queries that support usage based billing.

So, in summary, we do not currently support your scenario, but hope to provide a mechanism in the future.


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