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Marx - 3/7/2010 12:31:49 AM
Creating Keys in Advance for Ecommerce


I'm considering creating an advance set of keys so they can be automatically delivered to customers from an Ecommerce web site.

It seems the customer name cannot be updated after the license has been created.  I need to be able to search licenses by customer name.

Is it possible to update the customer name in this scenario? i.e. when the license keys are generated prior to purchase.




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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
josullivan - 3/13/2010 10:31:34 AM
RE:Creating Keys in Advance for Ecommerce

Hi Marx,

It is not possible to update customer data in SLP Online using our current APIs.   SLP Online currently offers an ability to associate a customer with a license only on manual issuance of a license.

If one is intending to automate the license creation and issuance process it is our recommendation that customer data be held outside SLP Online e.g. either in a CRM/back office application or in the ecommerce application proper. It is for this reason we do NOT currently provide a customer API.

So from a CRM or ecommerce application one would call our license creation/update APIs and associate the returned Activation Key with the appropriate customer record - before forwarding the key to the customer.

One can also use our very comprehensive set of web service query methods to query SLPS, from a CRM or ecommerce application, for appropriate product, SKU and/or license information.  These queries can use either Activation Keys or license IDs to relate licenses to customers e.g. the querying application needs to record the Activation Key on issuance to a customer. Please see the Web Services Guide for further details on these query methods.

Clearly if you already have customer and associated license data in SLP Online you can use the SLP Online reporting and export capabilities to import this data into your CRM or ecommerce application.  We can also assist with this migration.

Hope this helps.



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