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sfelker - 8/13/2011 7:01:32 AM
VSPackage scenario

Are there examples of how to license commercial VSPackages so that the applications built with them don't require a license? Thanks.

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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
josullivan - 8/15/2011 1:57:51 PM
RE:VSPackage scenario

As we understand it VS Packages are normally used to extend VS functionality e.g. add new UI components etc and so do not usually involve redistributable components. These VS extensions can be implmented with managed code and it is therefore possible to both protect and license those components e.g. check license status and prevent certain functionality in the extension(s) from operating if not validly licensed.

In the above scenario there are no redistributable components that require licensing and so the issue of downstream licensing of redistributables does not arise.

However, we do have customers who protect and license redistributable component libraries so this scenario can also be supported. But we have not seen this in tandem with the VS Package licensing requirement.

In case we have misinterpreted your requirements it would be useful if you could provide some more details on these so that we can give a more targetted response.  If you prefer to take this conversation "off forum" you can send this additional information by email to



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