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oleksandr.bilyk@gmai - 5/6/2011 9:26:54 AM
Unmanaged evaluation license.

 "SPL Getting Started Guide" document tells us about "unmanaged evaluation".

From guide we may read: An unmanaged evaluation license can be set to activate “use-once” features where the feature can be run once and only once. An unmanaged evaluation doesn’t require initial activation.

When we create SKU we may set "Intended Use" to Non-Commercial mode (it is evaluation as I understand).
My questions:

  • How I may set managed or unmanaged mode?
  • Unmanaged mode will not require activation and internet access. Isn't true?

Also I will be happy if you will give me link to Activation UI Customization Guide. I saw you provide such feature.

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InishTech Support
InishTech Support
pgao - 5/6/2011 5:28:29 PM
RE:Unmanaged evaluation license.
Hi Oleksandr,
Here's the answers to your questions:
How I may set managed or unmanaged mode?
The key thing to set managed and unmanaged mode is to set a license as "Resident" or not. If marked as "Resident", it is an unmanaged trial license.
The choice between managed and unmanaged is down to the ISV business model and to the licensing/distribution infrastructure in place e.g. whether the ISV has the ability to automatically distribute Activation Keys 
With the unmanaged trial a Resident License is shipped with the product and automatically installed by the Runtime on first attempt to use the application.  Clearly, if the customer reinstalls the application then the license will be reinstalled and the application will again be available for use for the duration allowed by the trial license. One must evaluate how probable it is that customers will go to the trouble of uninstalling/reinstalling your application just to circumvent trial licensing; clearly the way to reduce this probability is to offer very short duration trials and offer very seamless, quick ways to upgrade to commercial license. 
The alternative managed approach requires an Activation Key - which is not an unusual requirement for customers – and has the following benefits:
·         More harder to circumvent than the unmanaged activation
·         Gives one real-time indicators of trial activity.
If one can automate the generation/distribution of Activations Keys (e.g. loading batches of pre-generated keys to your ecommerce website is probably the quickest approach) then we recommand the managed approach.
Unmanaged mode will not require activation and internet access. Isn't true?
Yes, if the license is resident, there's no requirement of initial activation or Internet access.
Links to Activation UI Customization Guide 
Yes, the Activation Wizard UI is customizable and we do have document for this. But this is so far not public for download. So I will send it to your via email. Will this gmail account be appropriate to send to or you suggest another account? I will send out to you the first thing next Monday
Hope this is helpful for your questions and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
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oleksandr.bilyk@gmai - 5/9/2011 7:09:54 AM
RE:Unmanaged evaluation license.

 Thank you for very clear answer.


I like your Getting Started Guide but I with to have more user reading friendly documentations for UI Customization. Maybe VS project samples (training kits) will be very useful.


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