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Labello - 7/28/2010 10:50:23 AM
Software end-of-life

How to retire a software from SLPS? If I release a software now and want it to retire after five years from initial release, will my account still be charged for that product? The business value of the product may be gone in five years and I may want to change the licensing system of the product to a less money-consuming one as someone may still be using the product.

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InishTech Sales
InishTech Sales
smyth_david - 8/4/2010 11:16:44 AM
RE:Software end-of-life


Product End of Life strategies vary from company to company. Some companies will actually increase the SRP of an “end of life” product. Therefore it is probably best to discuss your own particular strategy with us on

The good news however is that managing the EOL of a product with SLPS is both simple and straightforward and costwise SLPS can absolutely reflect the value of that product’s sales to you.

Our pricing strategy/model for SLPS is designed to reflect the value of your product and specifically SLPS's contribution to that value.  With activation charges based on a % of SRP we believe that SLPS is a very cost effective licensing solution even in an End of Life (EOL) situation.  The product’s SRP can be reset at any point in time to reflect changes in pricing strategy and charges will reduce accordingly.

If you actually want to retire the product, the simplest way to retire a product in  SLPS is to not issue any further  licenses/activation keys for that product.  This is completely within your control from the SLPS portal.

If you wish you could additionally disable all licenses associated with the product to be retired.  This prevents any further activations on the selected licenses and you will not  incur any further 'activation related' charges.  All existing licenses, apart from subscription licenses, will continue to operate, but cannot be reactivated e.g. in the event that your software needs to reinstalled due to machine failure.  Subscription licenses will not renew on expiry as activation will not be possible.

However, we would not recommend disabling licenses as it may have an adverse impact on customers with your software already installed.  If the product is End Of Life (EOL) then it is likely that the number of activations is going to be relatively small compared to the earlier phases of the product lifecycle (usually just reinstallations).

We do intend to offer an EOL feature in a future release of SLPS that will automate the above (currently manual) processes e.g. by just checking a box on a product in the product list one can prevent new licenses being issued for that product and optionally prevent further activations for all or some licenses.

If you have other active products on SLPS then you would continue to incur subscription charges as well as any activation charges incurred for the remaining products.

If you cancel your subscription then all activations for all products will cease immediately on cancellation.

Trust this helps and if you wish to discuss EOL pricing options we’d be happy to discuss this offline with you on


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