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wqwalter - 2/6/2010 9:49:36 PM
What causes the number of activations to increment?

I created a non-commercial test license that expries after 1 day. I have been running if for a couple of months. When I look at the details of the license I see under the grid for license activations 10 different activations representng the 10 different days I have run the application. I set up the Max License Activations to be 3. The activations performed shows 1 and the activations left is 2. How does 3 - 10 = 1?


Also I set up 7 features and enabled usage counts for the application and each of the features and yet the column for gather Usage under the License Protected Features is blank. Since the license has renewed 9 times I would expect to see some usage counts recorded?


Bill Walter


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InishTech Dev
InishTech Dev
josullivan - 2/9/2010 10:26:13 AM
RE:What causes the number of activations to increment?


If you create a licenses (either commercial or non-commercial) with Expiration Days set to 1 then the license should expire (i.e. be no longer valid) one day after the initial activation of the license.

If you set the Max Activations on the license to 3 then it is possible to activate the license a total of three times - but in each case the license will expire one day after the date of activation.

One possibile explanation of the scenario you experienced is that the license in question is marked as Renewable; in such a scenario each installed license will automatically renew at the end of the expiration period - in your case daily.  These renewals are not considered activations for the purpose of Max Activations as the renewal process does not involve an activation step.

Can you provide some more details of the license in question - ideally to our support email ( - so we can investigate further?  

Finally, for privacy reasons Feature Usage data is today only captured for Renewable licenses i.e. the usage data is included in the automatic request to renew a Renewable License and stored in the Online Service.  We intend to relax this restiction in a future release of the service, allowing such usage data to be captured automatically for any valid license

Hope this clarifies the issues raised.


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