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alexandrv - 10/5/2017 11:44:25 AM
Silent license activation


Is there a way to activate license silently without any user interaction?

We need to support silent installation mode for the product, license activation is a part of installation. Now we run the activation wizard programmatically using the following code:


using (SLMRuntime slm = OpenSLMRuntimeSession())
    using (IActivationWizard dlg = CreateActivationDialog(slm))
        result = (dlg.InstalledLicense != null);

Is it possible to avoid showing this dialog to user and specify either license key or license file to activate license silently? Thanks.

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ServiceAdmin - 10/19/2017 11:56:26 AM
RE:Silent license activation

 Hi Alex,

It is possible to activate a license programmatically via the SP (Microsoft.Licensing) runtime as per the snippet below:

  • Create an activation client for the Product and Version
  • Call the Activate method with the activation key
            string permShortcode = "123ab"; //TODO: substitute in you vendor's own permutation short code.
            using (var _slmRuntime = new SLMRuntime(permShortcode))
                   // Create an activation client for the product name and version
                   IActivationClient activationClient = _slmRuntime.Activation.CreateActivationClient("YourProduct", "Version");

                   // Call the activation client to renew the license with the retrieved license key
                   activationClient.Activate(licenseKey, "");

               catch (ActivationServerException ex)
                   // Log the exception 
                   throw ex;
               catch (ActivationClientException cex)
                  throw cex;

Hope this helps.

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