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mrobbins - 7/24/2017 12:57:27 PM
Reporting options?

Hello, a couple of questions about reporting.

On the web portal, last item is Analyze, which brings up the Reports dashboard. Then by clicking on the tabs and dropdowns I can see the various reports. So that is nice.

Two questions: I want to find out how many of my total available Commercial and Trial licenses I have used up -- what are the limits and/or where are they displayed?

And I would like to add a column or two to the reports. Currently the reports list by license key only; how can I also see the customer name and license description field values? Or do I have to download the overall report and export the list of licenses separately, then stitch them the two lists together with some other tool?

Thanks very much.

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ServiceAdmin - 7/24/2017 3:56:58 PM
RE:Reporting options?

Hi Margaret,

We do not at present provide a report on the balance of licenses available on your account.  We will certainly pass this requirement to Product Management for inclusion in a new account dashboard.

Our standard reports do not include customer details as most of users of the Software Potential service today do not hold customer data in the Software Potential service, prefererring to hold such data in an authorative third party sytem such as a CRM etc.

We can provide a basic customer report that lists licenses by customers.  You could then use that report to synch customer data with data from other reports. We will respond to you directly on this by email shortly.

Finally, please be aware this site will be shutdown shortly at the end of July. It has been replaced by a new support site at  We've decided to discontinue support forums in the new site in favour of more direct email and online support channels.  You can submit a support request either directly in the new support site or alterenatively via email to  






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